Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission at Noorda-COM is to empower our students with the essential personal and professional skills needed to be competent, confident, and compassionate osteopathic physicians who are dedicated to meeting healthcare challenges within the communities they serve. Our vision is to become a leader in osteopathic medical education through innovative, progressive curricular offerings. We hope to instill values that embrace diversity, foster cultural awareness and ethical leadership, and inspires a servant’s heart towards caring for the poor and needy.

Noorda-COM centers on a set of guiding principles. These allow for all voices to be heard in our decisions, yet remain grounded in our mission, vision, and values. They are the basis of our curricular, pedagogical, and administrative decisions. We, as an institute, hope to never lose sight of learning and never confuse profit for growth. The work of Noorda-COM centers around the following nine guiding principles:

  1. People matter most, our students are at the center of all that we do.
  2. Quality academic programs and excellence in teaching are our priorities.
  3. Strong moral character, ethical decision-making, and mutual respect are embedded in all that we do.
  4. Diversity is an essential element of the Noorda-COM experience.
  5. Technology and innovation are positioned to enhance learning and improve operational efficiency.
  6. College resources are applied to achieve the highest quality in our students, faculty, and programs.
  7. Financial decisions are driven by balancing costs with stabilizing student debt.
  8. Investments in people are made in the form of fair compensation and individual opportunities of growth.
  9. A culture of service to our community guides our relationships.

View our full Mission policy here.