Osteopathic Principles

Noorda-COM OPP

Osteopathic Principles & Practices (OPP) Department

Department Statement

Our goal is to empower the next generation of physicians by providing an inspired osteopathic principles and practices curriculum that will enable a deep understanding of osteopathic diagnosis, treatment, and integration with evidence-based practices and outstanding service and professionalism in patient care.

OPP Curricular Description 

The OPP curriculum at Noorda-COM is clinically oriented to prepare students for their future life in patient care. It has been designed to buttress and support therest of the Noorda-COM curriculum to create an integrated learning experience. Among the foundational concepts that are emphasized in our curriculum is the development of palpatory and physical exam skills that all physicians utilize regardless of their specialty. Our department will fully utilize the leading-edge, technologically-advanced educational resources that Noorda-COM has embraced to trail-blaze osteopathic medical education into the future and create the next generation of physicians.