Financial Aid at a Glance

Step 1

Prior to matriculation, admitted students must confirm funding has been secured.  Student will apply for a private student loan with the lender of their choice.  Students will be required to submit the Funding Statement Form to the Office of Financial Aid no later than 90 days prior to their first semester of each academic year.

Step 2

Once you have an approved private student loan the lender will require the Noorda-COM Office of Financial Aid (OFA) to ‘certify’ the loan amount.  This process is required to ensure that the loan does not exceed the student’s cost of attendance for the academic year.  The lender will contact Noorda-COM OFA directly.

Step 3

The private student lender will send the loan funds to Noorda-COM the week before courses begin.  The loan funds will be applied to charges on the student’s account for tuition and fees.

Step 4

If there is a balance owed, the student will need to pay the balance or secure a payment plan through the Office of the Bursar before classes begin or by the published deadline announced through the Office of the Bursar.  If there is a credit balance after the student loan is applied to the student’s account, the Bursar will generate a refund to the student during the first week of class or within 10 days of the funds being received by Noorda-COM.