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Why Provo?



Provo has endless adventure to offer, and beyond that Utah County has even more to offer! From the mountain range to the shores of Lake Utah, there is guarantee to be something for everyone to do. Just to name a few adventurous things you can do in Provo, without going far you can go:

- Hiking

- Skiing

- Kayaking

- Rock Climbing

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Aside from the exploring the beautiful landscape of Utah, there are so many unique experiences you can have here too. Not an outdoorsy person? Not a problem. The Provo area has something to offer for everyone. You could check out a comedy club, be a kid again with indoor go-karts, try your hand at axe-throwing, or even shop til' you drop at the mall in Provo or at University Place in Orem. In the first few months of the year, you can head up to the Sundance Film Festival and go celebrity hunting. The list goes on for all the things that Provo and the surrounding area have for you to experience. Check out a more details on the city's webpage here.


The best part about Provo is that you don't have to go anywhere or do anything to enjoy the serenity around you. Provo is different from other big cities, it is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. Almost everywhere you turn there is mountains in the distance. Not only is it a beautiful place to be, it is a happy place to be. The people are kind and genuine, and the sense of community is strong. So whether you want to go out and enjoy an adventure or stay in your own backyard, Provo, Utah is a great place to be.


Map created by Kami Prete: