At Noorda-COM, we are devoted to creating a culture that not only promotes but also celebrates diversity and inclusion at all levels. We aim to bring in students, staff, and faculty that will enhance the cultural competency of our institute. Noorda-COM is committed to improving access of healthcare to underserved communities. We hope to foster a culturally sensitive environment, in which every individual feels valued and respected.

Our admissions committee uses an all-inclusive process when reviewing applications in order to select a diverse student body that will enhance the quality of education, enhance cultural competence, and improve access to quality care for underserved communities. Noorda-COM is determined to ensure diverse recruitment, appointment and retention in our work and research environments to make our school more welcoming to faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. It is our goal to create an ecosystem that promotes and fosters connection and engagement.

Noorda-COM  has created the Diversity & Inclusion Committee in order to achieve our goals of such. The committee is comprised of faculty that represents all concerns from students, residents, faculty, and staff. They hold the tasks of enhancing and encouraging our diversity efforts.

You can read more on this policy here.

You can find tools to help have the necessary discussions about race here, provided by the Smithsonian's  National Museum of African American History & Culture.

 AACOM on Diversity in in Osteopathic Medicine Education