Clinical Training FAQs

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Where will students complete their clinical rotations?

Clinical rotations will be accomplished primarily in Utah county with one of eleven hospitals and among the three health systems that Noorda-COM  has affiliations with; Intermountain Healthcare, MountainStar (HCA), and Steward.


Will I need to set up my own rotations?

Noorda-COM Clinical Education Department works with local hospitals and clinics to arrange for core student rotations.  Students will receive their scheduled rotations in the spring of their second year. Clin Ed will assist students who need help with identifying and arranging for elective, or “audition” rotations in the fourth year.


Is Noorda-COM planning on starting new Residency programs?

There are 22 uncapped hospitals GME eligible within the state of Utah all in a variety of health systems and circumstances. 7 of these 22, uncapped hospitals are actually in Utah county. Noorda-COM is collaborating with the State Legislature and the University of Utah -School of Medicine’s GME department to maximize the potential of these hospitals for residencies and fellowships.